Since they walked out onto the Canadian stage, Kashtin has been a part of my life’s soundtrack. The Quebec duo sings in Innu, French and English and I find myself singing along, even in Innu although I have to do that phonetically. I chose Kashtin to play in the car as I drove home to … More Kashtin


What is it that drives people into leadership positions? Some do it because they are driven to become leaders. They have the natural abilities and are willing to get the qualifications to rise to the next level of their organizations. Others are driven by the income higher positions tend to give. They may not have … More Leadership

No Saints here

I teach special needs students that range in age, diagnosis, level of communication, functional life skills, etc. I love it. The educational assistants in my class are my co-workers. I value their input and see their participation as equal to my own. I plan the alternative curriculum, they help implement it through their own gifts … More No Saints here


I grew up in a large family: 2 brothers and 4 sisters. We were never poor but we learned to take care of what we had and to re-use things long before recycling became popular. My mother would save our old canvas running shoes for summer vacation after our toes wore holes through their ends. … More Wading

All the diamonds

With the so-called professional avenues of help falling through, I needed to find another way to grapple with the fear. I discovered a local college offered courses in sailing. They started off with an open house where prospective students could go out for a quick 30 minute sail. They also offered short weekend courses and … More All the diamonds

A ray of sunshine

One of the gifts I have been given in this life is the opportunity to work with children who have cystic fibrosis (CF). This happened about the same time as the drowning. The families were able to participate in a respite program where the children came to sleep over camp and gave the parents a … More A ray of sunshine